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(Image: Gretchen Bossio / Seattle Refined)

Small But Mighty: Downtown Stanwood may be just one block, but boasts amazing shops & rest

Stanwood’s one block downtown isn’t big or bustling, but it does hold a fair amount of charm and boasts a number of amazing shops and places to dine. When you visit a large city there is no way to see or taste it all, but stroll a smaller town and in one afternoon you can just about experience it all!

No doubt, big city downtowns are wonderful to explore but lately I've fallen in love with the Northwest's little downtowns. From La Conner to Mount Vernon and Bellingham’s darling Fairhaven district, more and more I have found myself drawn to the hidden gems tucked in the storefronts of Washington’s smaller downtown areas. I’m excited to introduce you to some of my favorite stops along Stanwood’s 271st Street. From fabulous restaurants to sweet boutiques and a brand new coffee shop, the quaint one block downtown in Stanwood is a favorite for sure.

Stanwood Grill
If you’re looking for the perfect date night, Stanwood Grill is it! They’re currently serving up a Blackberry Tarragon Gin Lemonade special with herbs straight from their rooftop garden that has me swooning. Nab a reservation at this fresh dinner house, you won’t be sorry.

Jasmin Thai Cuisine & Sushi
Up until last month I had only ever ordered take out from Jasmin; as in, they’re my favorite takeout! But then I dined in and believe it or not, I fell in love with the citrus water they serve with each meal. I never knew! Jasmin is a small, cozy restaurant, but don’t be fooled, they pack a punch! Or should I say spice? Try the Panang curry when you go - it’s a real win!

Cohost is a new addition to Stanwood and one I assume will be longstanding. At Cohost you can attend workshops - virtually right now, in person soon! - rent office space, and more. Cohost is truly a beautiful collaboration of Stanwood’s hardworking and creative spirit.

Mammoth Burger
I’ve shared about Mammoth Burger before, but they’re worth mentioning again. Burgers and shakes and fancy fries to die for! And, surprise, they are a sister restaurant (same ownership) to Jasmin! In fact, you enter the same main door to reach both restaurants. How will you ever decide between the two?

Hometown Brew Coffee House
A PNW downtown would not be complete without a chic coffee house. Their drinks are spot on and they feature sweet and savory pastries from Mustard Seed Baking Co that are a must.

Ladders Clothing & Co
With a taste for fashion and home decor, Ladders is the perfect pre or post meal shop to browse. Things are constantly rotating with the season and it’s easy to go home with a new sweater or tchotchke I can’t live without.

But that’s not all! I still have a few shops and restaurants to check out. Next on my list are Wayne’s Corner Cafe, Stanwood Cupcakes, and Doilies 2 Doorknobs! And, I want to venture down the street a bit to browse the new Vida Verde Mercantile and Candle Shop!

Here’s to another afternoon in the darling downtown Stanwood!