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Standup for the Cure 2020: Here's what you need to know

Standup for the Cure — the annual standup padding event raising money to support the breast cancer community — is going to look different this year.

All nationwide live events have been canceled, and, like so many others, SUFTC will be virtual thanks to COVID-19.

Registration for the three-day-long event taking place Aug. 28-30 is currently open!

"We hope this virtual Standup for the Cure fills some of the voids we are all feeling during this time of social distancing and that it will allow us to connect with friends and family no matter where we are," said Jennifer Jurgens, breast cancer survivor and board president of Standup for the Cure. "Many communities are counting on us for life-saving programs, supported by the funds we raise. Therefore, we must continue our fight to keep Standup for the Cure afloat through these trying times."

Thousands of people participate in Standup for the Cure events across the country each year — raising more than $1.3 million to support breast cancer detection, treatment and education. The event's goal is to save lives through early breast cancer detection and also promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

So, how can you virtually participate this year? By practicing yoga, paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, dancing, hiking, running — basically anything that gets you up and moving, and sharing your experience with photos or a story through the event website and on social media as part of the official SUFTC 2020 Scrapbook. Make sure to use the hashtags "#2020virtualSUFTC" and "#SUFTC."

Registered participants will receive an official Standup for the Cure jersey to wear during the weekend. Registration will close on Thursday, July 30.

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