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Down a dark stairway,  there's something scary in the shadows. It's a museum of the macabre for those brave souls departing on the Spooked in Seattle Tour. (Image: Seattle Refined)

You just may encounter a spirit on the Spooked in Seattle Tour

As night seeps into the city, Pioneer Square comes alive... with tales from the dead!

Down a dark stairway, there's something scary in the shadows. It's a museum of the macabre for those brave souls departing on the Spooked in Seattle Tour.

Co-owner Mark Simpson showed us a few things in the aptly named Museum of Death.

"We have a lot of creepy items in here," he said solemnly.

The displays include a wall of photos of the deceased with their relatives, who were very much alive. People didn't take many photographs in the olden days, so they would pay a photographer to capture an image of the family with the deceased.

"Many times they could have their eyes painted in so they would look like they were still alive," explained Simpson.

In a glass cabinet: tools of the trade for an undertaker, including vintage makeup and facial molds. Plus, what every creepy museum needs.

"We have a vintage embalming table and the fluid injector," said Simpson. "Which they would use to drain the blood and put in the embalming fluid." But, this place had much more than eerie items. Some think ghosts roam around here as well.

"This location is haunted," Simpson says, without a doubt. "One night, I was getting ready to leave, I went to the back corner and turned out the lights, and came back around the corner and as I did, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dark male figure. So, I kind of stopped, I backed up and I looked and went back around the corner about three times to see if I could see it again. But, I could not see it again."

Some people go on the Spooked in Seattle Tour in hopes of seeing a spirit. Others have their own reasons.

"I think there are a lot of people who are really into this kind of thing , and they're curious, and there are a lot of people who get pretty freaked out by it," laughed Simpson.

Our guide navigated streets and underground spaces in search of paranormal activity. Like the ghostly goings on at the Pioneer Square Hotel.

It started in the 1970s, when someone died here and the hotel manager decided to forgo a funeral. Some believe that the spirits of those never given a proper burial still rattle around in these rooms. Guests report the television turning on and off, and even flipping channels, without any explanation.

Next, we went beneath a building to listen to what may be a voice from the grave... caught on tape. And, some swear they've seen a figure standing there as well.

Our last stop was the Merchant's Cafe. It's Seattle's oldest continuously run restaurant. Patrons had long told stories about strange happenings in the basement then one day, a stranger walked in with a gift for a ghost.

An old man walked in carrying a brand new ballerina doll said its was for the little girl downstairs.

Turns out there was a fire there in the 1930s, leading to a tragedy. According to some people, two children were playing in the basement. They were brother and sister, and they failed to escape. Since that time, some folks think the little girl is haunting the basement.

Are there spirits haunting Seattle? The dead tell no tales. But, people on the tour do. Trevell Goodfellow was visiting from Utah. "I believe in spirits of some sort, that's why it's kind of fun cause you never know.... it could be."

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