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'Ladies of Seattle, I am single' - Jason Tartick talks love, life & his Bachelor snub

Ah, the Refined Bachelor Roundtable. Where our team gets together each week to rag on - I mean, talk about - whatever has happened on that episode of whatever Bachelor franchise is currently on air.

We're in a lull right now, Paradise having ended several weeks ago, and Bachelor not starting up until January 2019. And to be honest, it's good that we have a little bit of a break until we have to see Colton on the big screen, as we're still smarting over our person fav (and Seattleite) Jason Tartick not being picked.

In fact, we're such big fans of the guy that we've been literally stalking him in every way possible since he was let go in Becca's season to come on our show. And - let this be a lesson to everyone - stalking works! Jason came and joined our roundtable to talk about how close he really came to being the Bachelor, if he's over Becca, and if he's dating again...

Seattle Refined: Welcome to the Refined's Bachelor Roundtable! Thanks for being here. How has the whirlwind of post-show been? Can you go anywhere without being recognized?
Jason Tartick: You know, six months ago I am sitting at a desk, I walk to work, I walk back to work - same old business Monday to Friday. Now everything's changed - and it's changed for the good. On the way to work now I have to plan 20 minutes ahead of time, because I get stopped. And when I get stopped I like to talk to people, have conversations - so it's been good crazy. But it's been crazy to say the least.

Watching the show, we always roll our eyes at how quickly people are able to "fall in love". Were you surprised at how quickly you had real feelings?
Yes, I was really surprised. But I will tell you when we peeled the onion back and had one of the most real conversations I've ever had with anyone in my life, on the date in Richmond, VA. Things got real for me, and they got real quick.

One of the things that was hard for us what your last episode, when Becca was shutting down when you were together in Thailand. Did you even know she was having those feelings at the time?
It was interesting to watch it all back because I did not know that. Watching that episode honestly was devastating. I watched it once by myslef and once before Ment Tell All, and if I'm being honest - both times I was bawling my eyes out. Yes, I was crying.

We were all shocked when yo weren't chosen as The Bachelor. We thought for sure it was down to you or Blake. How close were you to actually becoming the Bachelor?
Yeah - well I think if you asked the cast, I think if you asked Becca, and I think if you asked Bachelor Nation, everyone would have thought the same thing: Blake or I. In my opinion, they had it arrowed down to Blake, Colton and I. I think we were all there, so the decision process - I am not sure what it was.

Would you have said yes if they'd asked you?
Yeah, if they'd asked me I definitely would have said yes.

So you're back in Seattle now. Are you dating? Can ladies find you on Tinder, Bumble...?
I'm not on any dating apps of the sort right now. I am single - I am definitely open to dating. Ladies of Seattle - I am single, I am open.

What is your ideal date in Seattle?
My ideal date in Seattle - it's so beautiful here you gotta go on the water. Get a boat, go on the water, maybe get a bottle of wine - maybe a bottle of champagne. You a't beat the seafood here, so gotta have some shellfish. Then go to a nice high-rise restaurant, I know Columbia Tower is awesome - so do something like that. And then ending it at a really cool cocktail bar on Capitol Hill.

Big thanks to Jason for coming and joining our roundtable! Who knows - maybe he'll come back and join us for some of Colton's season...??!?!?