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Here’s your third award category: Best Summer Day Escape! (Photo Courtesy: Rain Rarrio from flickr Creative Commons)

#SoNorthwest Awards: Where is the Best Summer Day Escape?

Welcome to our first iteration of the #SoNorthwest Awards! Even though we are literally in the business of everything PNW-related, it doesn’t mean we can come close to knowing all our beautiful region has to offer. In fact, so many of our stories focus on things we’ve learned from YOU, our viewers and readers! You are our muse, you have your finger on the pulse of this city – and we just listen. So, we need your help! We want you to nominate your favorite summer *fill in the blank* in five different categories we’ll be announcing every day this week. Submit your nominations in any way you’d like: email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, passenger pigeon – you name it. We’ll be logging each and every vote, and the winners will be announced the week of July 24th.

And just like that, it’s Day 3 of our #SoNorthwest Awards nominations. We’ve posed two categories to you – Best Outdoor Spot for Happy Hour and Best Summer Cocktail. (If you haven’t voted yet, please do so now!).

Here’s your third award category:

Best Summer Day Escape!

Where do you go to cool off?! Where do you go to escape the city?! Do you have a little oasis or special place that never fails you?!

Remember, it's super easy to nominate your pick. Email us (, write on our Facebook page, send us a tweet, use #SoNorthwestAwards on Instagram - heck, you can even call us at 206-404-3044 if you want!

Stay tuned all week for new categories!