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Gallup's annual ranking of the happiest states in America have put Washington state at #9. (Image: Kristi Waite / Seattle Refined)

Smile! We're the 9th happiest state in the U.S.

Gallup's annual ranking of happiest states in the U.S. puts Washington at number 9, in the top quintile of the country. North Dakota won happiest (beating out Hawaii from last year), and West Virginia came in last.

Gallup takes a couple things into account when creating this index: emotional health, work environment, life evaluation (?), physical health and healthy behaviors. Shocker, weather isn't on there.

Also pretty funny is that apparently we're only slightly less happy than Hawaii (our score is 68.3, theirs 68.4). Seriously Hawaii? Suck it up and smile.

The Business Insider has a more in depth article and some pretty cool infographics showing how 2013 scores changed from 2012 scores.