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Gloria Lee Alcalá, Mike Spee and the cast of Bright Star at Taproot Theatre. Photo by Erik Stuhaug.<p></p>

Small Local Theater with Bright Expectations

Here at Taproot, you may not have auditioned for the play, but you'll feel like it at this theater.

"There’s something that is so intimate about it and it’s like we are all part of this story and I think it engages the audience in a different way because you are in it with us," said actress Brenna Wagner. "You can’t hide in your seat, you are part of this story with us.”

Wagner knows a thing or two about performing on a big stage and sure, it won't feel like Broadway or even the Paramount in Seattle, but you can bet close quarters will makeup for it.

"Like just last night in one of my songs, kind of a love song, and I’m like going over and I see a couple in the front row and I see a wife just reach over and put her hand on the husband leg," said co-star actor Mike Spee. "It’s like they’re right 2 feet from me and they are just feeling the emotions with you, which is really cool."

Spee, of course, is talking about Bright Star, the musical he and Wagner currently star in at Taproot.

"We follow the story of Alice Murphy, my character, as she falls in love with the mayor’s son, and they find themselves in a wonderful whirlwind of love and they get themselves into a little bit of hot water," said Wagner.

"So it deals with Alice’s story as she finds light in spite of traumatic circumstances."

"The story goes back in forth between the 1920’s and the 1940’s," Spee said. "Different parts of her life different parts of the people she encounters."

But as good as the story is, the play is renown for it's musical score being nominated for Best Musical and Best Original Score at the 2016 Tony's.

"Steve Martin and Edie Brickell tapped into real bluegrass theme in a musical setting, which is hard to do," said Wagner. "In theater music, people expect jazz hands and this is true bluegrass.

"It’s really fun for those of us, or the actors, who are also getting to play music like...we don’t get to do this very often and much less with like a full band," said Spee. "To get a part of it is so much fun..using the skills that we don’t pull forward all of the time, I’m really excited I get to use."

So, whether its date night or you're looking for a good time, Bright Star might be the spot for you as Seattle Magazine named it as one of the 21 Best Things To Do In Seattle in July.

...and who knows, you might run into a certain actor/comedian there one day.

"I’d think he (Steve) would be pretty proud of especially the musical components," said Wagner. "The composers who have done our music have done phenomenal work with this score and I’d think he’d be very proud."