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Rock and roll royalty Ron Thomas performed his latest hit One Less Day (Dying Young) as well as some fan favorites from his band Matchbox Twenty on the STAR 101.5 Star Stage for a lucky group of STAR listeners. Thomas also talked to Seattle Refined about his amazing music career and about the foundation he and wife Marisol started called Sidewalk Angels. The foundation is "dedicated to providing critically needed funds and support to over 20 no-kill animal shelters and animal rescues, across the country, that help to fight for the rights and fair treatment of those with no voice." (Courtesy: KOMO Staff)

Chatting with singer/songwriter Rob Thomas on making music and a difference

His poetic lyrics mingle with the melody, and seem to seep into your soul. Rob Thomas made his mark on the music scene more than 20 yers ago as the lead singer for Matchbox Twenty. Their songs, like 'Bent", "Unwell" and "If You're Gone" were the soundtrack for our lives.

The Grammy-winner is true rock and roll royalty. But he's incredibly relatable too. The artist was in Seattle performing his newest solo hit on the STAR 101.5 Stage earlier this month.

"'One Less Day' is more of a reaction know, there are a lot of songs about staying young forever and people never want to grow old," said Thomas. "I think you start to realize the alternative to getting old is pretty bleak. It's a privilege that's not afforded to everyone and this is a song about realizing that and wanting to continue to live every day."

The song is gorgeous, but after watching the video - the biggest question the Refined staff had in the world did he get out of those candles after the shoot was done?

One less day is the first single from Thomas' new album. He'll be playing it on tour this summer. But besides music, Thomas and his wife also have a foundation called Sidewalk Angels, that helps bring awareness to no-kill sheler all around the world.

"These people need funds at critical times and [we]help them get off the ground, get running," he said. "For us, we always kind of felt animals and children are the ones that have no voices themselves. And so if you can do anything that you can [to] have the voice for them - it's really neat."

The Thomas' have two dogs - a puppy mill rescue and a rescue form the beaches of Puerto Rico.

"They're everything," he said. "They are horribly behaved - but they're good dogs."

As for the future, we may be seeing more of Matchbox Twenty soon.

"Right now I'm going [on] tour this summer, and that's gonna be in the states," said Thomas. "Next year is 2020 so we've been talking with the guys in Matchbox about wanting to do something. We've never really not been a band, we're just not playing together right this second. But we're still brothers and we still can't wait to get back on the road again."

But you can't talk about Rob Thomas without talking about his smooth-est collaboration. Yup, we're talking about Santana.

So what other artists, living or dead, would he dream of collaborating with?

"Well you know the answer was always Willie Nelson and I got to do that," said Thomas. "I got to write for him, three songs for his record and hang out and spend time with him. So I think it would be greedy to ask for anything else other than that."

His fans sing his praises. Making music, and a difference - Rob Thomas is filled with gratitude for all of it.