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(Image: Courtesy of Rosalie and Doug Gale)

Seattle couple's 'Shower Art' goes TikTok viral

Husband and wife team Rosalie and Doug Gale are the owners of the unique Seattle stores Ugly Baby in Pike Place Market and Monster in Ballard. These shops feature artwork from independent artists — but that's not what they are known for.

It's their shower art.

They've been perfecting the shower art process for 15 years, and believe it or not, it takes a lot of work. They may look innocent, but some of the shower art has a bit of a potty mouth.

Things were doing great until COVID hit. Like many businesses, the couple had to close their stores, and they needed to drum up some business. So, Rosalie turned to the social media app TikTok to showcase their shower art. And to their surprise, that TikTok video went viral! Now, people couldn’t get enough of their shower art.

In fact, it was hard for them to keep up with demand.

"TikTok saved us," Rosalie said. "They really kept us afloat. Both stores were closed. So we were really just filling online orders for TikTok."

All jokes aside, she said she'll never underestimate the power of social media or the power of shower art!

You can find Rosalie and Doug on TikTok and Instagram (@uglybabyshop and @monstermonstershop)