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Hitting the glassybaby seconds sale? You may want to head to Bellingham

My first glassybaby was grammy, in honor of my grandma who passed away.

It has been over a decade now, but when I light that tealight and see the warm flicker of light, I smile. The soft purple translucent glow is such a beautiful remembrance of her sweet spirit. Who knew a hand-blown glass candle holder could lessen the sting of my loss? But it does, every time.

My second glassybaby, cherish, came with the birth of my daughter. A joyful opportunity to recall a new life every time it’s lit. And my third was a matching one. Both glassybabies that honor my children were lit as I labored with my son. Forever that priceless memory of his arrival will be marked by candlelight.

From then on, it was hook, line, and sinker. I was a glassybaby fan. A collector. A gifter. Each glassybaby on my shelf (and in my cupboard, because some are on a seasonal rotation) holds special meaning. Whether from the name it’s given when it leaves the hot shop or the significant event in my life it represents, my glassybabies are a treasured piece of art in my home.

With hot shops and retail stores in Seattle and Berkley, the glassbaby love is felt all along the West Coast. They specialize in candle holders, drinkers, and rockers, but even more, glassbaby specialize in life’s important moments. They are an icon of special memories and thoughtful gift giving. But, with a $50 price tag, it’s not something most will pick up on a whim.

Enter the glassbaby seconds sale.

Yes, these gorgeous candle holders go on sale. 35 percent off, in fact. Which means, TIME TO STOCK UP!

[Photos: Seattle goes wild at glassybaby seconds sale]

What birthdays are coming up? How about weddings this year? Want to bless your bestie or your kid’s teacher? And I highly recommend grabbing an extra so you’re prepared with the perfect sympathy gift when needed.

Are seconds less than though? Ungiftable? Not in the slightest! As much as I appreciate the uniform beauty of the perfect glassbabies. I adore the perfectly imperfect seconds. Since the process of glassblowing is subject to their human creators, mess-ups happen. Rather than toss the glassbabies with dips, wobbles, or flaws, the seconds sale finds homes for these unique little beauties. I honestly love the differences of the seconds, my entire glassbaby collection is from there!

Traditionally the lines for the glassybaby seconds sale are extraordinary. Long, long, long! Some folks spend the night to be one of the first few in line, others wait hours to browse the selection of perfectly imperfect candle holders, drinkers, and rockers.

But do you really need to spend the night in the January cold to nab a deal on the perfect glassybay for you?

Maybe not.

This January 25th the seconds sale is happening at more than one location. Yes! Thank you glassbaby for spreading the love! If you’re a Western Washington glassybaby lover I highly recommend making your way to the Bellingham sale location. I suspect this outskirts option may rally less of a crowd. Now Bellingham will surely still be busy, after all, it’s glassybaby! But, hopefully not quite as overwhelming as what Seattle is known to draw.

Over the years, I’ve been to the seconds sale a number of times and highly recommend arriving as early as you can, dressing warm and comfortablely, and bringing your own bags or boxes to carry your loot home. To protect your glassbaby stash it’s also a good idea to bring some thick socks to aid in wrapping them.

Doors open at 8 a.m. at First Congregational Church at 2401 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225. The Bellingham seconds sale benefits Whatcom Hospice Foundation so as you save on your glassbaby treasures, you’ll also be supporting a worthwhile cause.

Happy shopping!