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Corona Financial Help Spreadsheet

'Share a Need, Cover a Need' financial help spreadsheet goes viral

Author, speaker and podcast personality Jefferson Bethke, is using his social media presence to fill needs created by the coronavirus. In less than 24 hours the needs spreadsheet he created and linked to through his Instagram account @jeffersonbethke has more than doubled.

And the stories are heartbreaking; hundreds and hundreds of vulnerable testimonies. Our neighbors, our friends, in need.

Mothers are worried about how they will feed their children. College students are without work and rent is due. Servers are shocked at their new unemployment reality. Teens are seeing the stress of financial burdens in their parents and begging for help. Even $20.

On March 16th, Jefferson posted:

Any of ya’ll incurred any financial loss that is immediately applying pressure to your family or life because of all this [coronavirus]? Specifically if you got put in a super tight bind with bills or groceries or whatever because of a work change that you had no control over? Shoot me the scenario and your Venmo. I’m sure I won’t be able to get to all of them, but Alyssa and I have an account we literally just put money in every month that has one rule, it has to go to someone else and a practical need. No better time than this. Just let me know!

The requests poured in, and Bethke hit his personal spending limit on Venmo in 20 minutes. Thousands of dollars were gifted by the couple, and then he built a spreadsheet so more people could get involved.

It's called the Corona Financial Help Spreadsheet, and it’s still open.

“Let’s use every available resource we have to come together in this guys," Bethke he wrote on his Instagram stories. "Send a few bucks if you can.”

On the spreadsheet, you can share a need and you can cover a need. Right now. Right here.

  • This is the goodness of crisis.
  • This is the beauty of community.
  • This is why social media wins.

If you have a need, don’t hesitate to tell your story. If you have $5 or $20 or $1,000 in excess, this is the perfect opportunity to tangibly share love in trying times.

We are better together and the Bethkes’ example of generosity is just one way we can unite and thrive in the midst of so many unknowns.