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Bonus for owners - Rizal Park has great views of the city (especially on nice days!) (Image: Jennifer Lawson / Seattle Refined)

Seattle's unique off-leash dog parks

Spring is in full swing and that means tails are wagging at full speed all over Seattle. Now that the sun is starting to beckon us outside again, dog owners are jumping at the chance to shake off the winter blahs and unleash their canine companions at Seattle's 14 off-leash dog parks.

Each park has its own personality. Whether you're looking for gorgeous views, room to run and fetch, or scenic nooks for human-hound bonding time, there is a park that satisfies almost every wish on your check list.

These designated off-leash areas are designed to give pups, and their humans, a safe place to burn energy, socialize and make new friends.

Here are 5 of Seattle's most unique off-leash dog parks:

Magnuson Park - 7400 Sand Point Way NE
Covering 9 acres, Magnuson is touted as Seattle's largest and most popular off-leash park. It's also the only dog park in the city with water access. A trail leads down to the shoreline of Lake Washington where dogs can splash around on a warm day. If you don't feel like wandering too far, there is a smaller fenced-in section that's ideal for small and shy dogs.

Kinnear Park - 899 W Olympic Pl
Kinnear Park is an urban hiker's paradise. The upper area of the park overlooks Elliot Bay. Be sure to keep your doggies leashed up as you walk down the steep, winding staircase and trail to the off-leash area at the lower section of the park. The corral is on the small side, 5400 square feet, and it has a woodsy feel with a dirt and wood chip surface. Just make sure to save enough energy for the hike back to the top!

Magnolia Manor Park - 3430 27th Ave W
This is one of Seattle's newest off-leash parks. It has ample space for some serious tennis ball throwing. Nestled in a quiet, well-groomed neighborhood, Magnolia Park is a calm environment for a leisurely day of rolling around or playing fetch. This park features a separate fenced-in space for pups that would prefer to keep their distance from the dogs that are a little more spunky and boisterous.

Regrade Park - 2251 3rd Ave
Located in the heart of downtown, Regrade is an oasis for pooches that prefer city life. It features some cool art installations for dogs to climb and conquer. Regrade is the perfect escape for apartment and condo dogs who need a little room to stretch their legs, but aren't easily distracted by the hustle and bustle of a major metropolitan area. Heads up, there is quite a bit of vehicle, foot and bus traffic around this park.

Dr. Jose Rizal Park - 1008 12th Ave S
If you're looking for a million dollar view, this is the place! The off-leash area on the north end of Beacon Hill has spectacular, unobstructed views of Puget Sound, the stadiums and the downtown skyline. Your pooch might not appreciate the scenery, but they are sure to fall in love with the 4 acres of open space where they can frolic and sniff to their heart's content. The fenced-in area is accessed by a long set of stairs from the north end of the park. The grounds can get muddy after a rain, so a bath might be in order after a day of playing and marveling at the sights.

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