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Guess what the number one project Seattleites are undergoing this summer is? (Image: Thinkstock)

Seattle's most requested summer home projects

Local startup recently shared data on which home projects, and their costs, most Seattleites were undergoing this summer. is an online service were users input their home projects to get locally-based estimates on labor costs. Then they can pick and choose pros to get the job done.

Here's what locals are booking through this summer:

  1. Kitchen remodel: $45,777 - $54,189

  2. Deck build: $2,207 - $2,415

  3. Flooring or carpet installation: $794 - $869

  4. Room painting: $491 - $525

  5. Drywall or sheetrock repair: $144 - $200

Are you planning any projects other than these five this summer? Tell us in the comments!