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What are the most popular presidential streets in Seattle?

Seattle's most popular presidential streets

How many Washington avenues, Lincoln boulevards, and Coolidge drives are there in the United States? Or in Seattle? A new Zillow study shows not only which presidents are the most popular for street names, but which tend to have the pricier houses on them.

After analyzing thousands of homes in the country's top 35 metro areas named after presidents (this includes streets, roads, avenues, boulevards, etc.), Zillow found that the president with the most streets named after him nationally was George Washington. Not incredibly surprising, he's also the prez with the most states named for him.

Always the rebels, here in Seattle it isn't good ol' George who takes first place - it's Madison! In the Seattle metro area, Madison street is the most popular, with over 865 homes residing on it.

And the most expensive presidential street in the 206? That would be Garfield; homes on that avenue/street in Seattle average $556,005 as opposed to the overall Seattle median of $309,100. Nationally however it's Coolidge where the pricier homes lie.

Zillow has a bunch more info and facts into exactly where which presidents range nationally and locally in terms of street names. If you live on a street named after a president, take a look to see how popular he really is!