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My dog Lummi at Citydog Club Seattle. Isn't she happy?! (Image: Frank Guanco)

Seattle's indoor dog parks

Fall equinox is upon us, which means inclement weather is in our future. The steady drizzle of rain and shorter days will be a part of our lives for the next few months. For the dog owners around town, that might mean fewer long walks or infrequent visits to the dog park. Seattle Refined previously shared our thoughts on some of the best outdoor dog parks in the Seattle-area, but what to do when the going gets wet and your pooch wants to get going? Thankfully, there are a few indoor dog parks around town to take your dog for some much needed play time and socialization.

Citydog! Club - With a few locations nationwide, Citydog! Club opened up in downtown Seattle at 9th & Olive last year. If you've driven by, you've probably noticed several office workers watching the dogs at play for some midday stress relief. I've taken our Bernese Mountain Dog to Citydog several times and she loves it. Monitored by the staff throughout the day, the dogs get to play in a few of Citydog's rooms with other dogs of similar size. Open from 7am-9am, you can drop off your pup for doggy daycare or grooming services. Earlier this year, Citydog opened their second Seattle location in Ballard on Market Street.

K9 Fun Zone - Located on the Nickerson Street side of Lower Queen Anne, K9 Fun Zone is an appointment-based indoor dog park. With toys and agility exercises inside the facility, you and your pooch can have unfettered playtime. As K9 Fun Zone is appointment only, you'll have the run of the place in case your dog does better with solo play or is a bit unruly around other dogs. Or you could organize a play party with other puppy friends.

Seattle Puppyworks - Geared towards puppies between 8-18 weeks of age, Seattle Puppyworks is a Capitol Hill dog training facility that also has open puppy play from 12-6pm Monday through Friday. With staff to watch over the pups to make sure they're playing nicely, Seattle Puppyworks is a fun option for dog owners to take their puppies and foster good play habits. And you get to be around puppies frolicking.

Zoom Room - Part of a chain with locations across the nation, Zoom Room opened in North Seattle last year and they offer a suite of dog training, playgroup, and agility classes. Zoom Room Seattle offers an online schedule for timing to bring in your dog to play with other similar-sized breeds. Staff is on hand to monitor play for dogs to bound around to their hearts content.

Enjoy your playtime with your pup! They'll love the exercise and the socialization and you'll love a tired, blissed out dog. As they say, a tired dog is a good dog. Be sure to get your pet's immunization records current before play.