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If you’re in the earlier stages of a relationship and want to have the opportunity to chat and get to know your date better, visiting one of Seattle’s most famous viewpoint in Queen Anne will definitely do the trick. (Image: Kristi Waite)

Seattle's Best Date Spots

As a single girl and arguably serial dater, I'm well aware of the fact that finding quality men in this city can be quite the feat. However, with Valentines Day creeping up fast, regardless of where you find yourself in relationship-land, these Seattle date spots will give you some new ideas of how to enjoy the city with that special someone.

Pasta Freska
Whether you've been married for 20 years, or on your fourth date, this cozy yet romantic restaurant is one of Seattle's best-kept secrets. You will not only be immediately greeted at the door by Italian native Chef Mike, but feel completely at home while he asks you about food preferences and how your day was. Since there is no menu, the wine is paired and poured for you, as course after course brings a new delicious surprise. To add to the fun, you have the option to be serenaded table-side by a wonderful opera singer equipped with beautiful Italian arias. No matter how the date goes, you'll be leaving with a happily full stomach and a smile. Be warned however, Chef Mike remembers almost every person that comes in and out of his door so if you bring multiple dates there, be prepared to be called out! (Not that that's happened to me)

Kerry Park
If you're in the earlier stages of a relationship and want to have the opportunity to chat and get to know your date better, visiting one of Seattle's most famous viewpoint in Queen Anne will definitely do the trick. No matter what time of day or night, the twinkling skyline on one side and the water with countless boats and ferries traveling about, would take anyone's breath away. Bringing a picnic (weather permitted) is a great way for the men to score some extra points as well. Take in the gorgeous view together and see where it goes!

Emerald City Trapeze
For the daredevil in you or for putting your date to the test, bring them to this exciting (and somewhat terrifying) trapeze class tucked away in SODO. A small group of willing participants get step by step instructions of how to literally do a full-on trapeze catch. With completion of the first step being mandatory in order to proceed to the next, this challenge will really bring out the competitor in you and your partner. There is a safety net at the bottom with trained experts talking you through every step of the way, but especially if you're afraid of heights, this could serve as a great bonding experience for your special someone (they even have special Valentine's Day classes). I wouldn't suggest eating a large meal before attempting this feat however. Saving dinner for afterwards would be a much smarter move.

Triple Door
In the mood for enjoying some live music with your sweetheart? You can never go wrong with The Triple Door. Their upstairs lounge, smoothly illuminated by a massive aquarium juxtaposed with the dark lighting and a wrap around bar creates a dreamy atmosphere. Enjoy a cocktail with local music upstairs or get a ticket to the main stage show where cozy booths and delicious food make every seat the best one in the house.

Needle and Thread
Tucked away behind a vault door beside an old rotary phone inside Capitol Hill's Tavern Law, this old-style speak easy is quite possibly one of Seattle's coolest spots. While you need reservations in advance to get in, once permitted, you're guided up a winding wooden staircase and immediately emerge into the 1920's. After scoring one of the only 25 seats in the bar, your cocktail is made simply from the bartender hearing your choice of spirit and what flavor profiles you enjoy. The dimly lit room, old time artifacts that gleam inside the tables, and the intimate exclusivity of Needle and Thread will make any couple feel like a they took a sexy trip to the past.