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Here is the Seattle booth Honest Tea set up earlier in the year, and had cold beverages unmanned and offered for $1 (on the honor system). (Image: Honest Tea)

Seattleites tell no lies (or very few)

The results of the the National Honesty Index have just been released, and Seattle ranks 9th against other cities - apparently folks here are 92% honest.

Honest Tea went around the nation and conducted a social experiment they're calling the National Honesty Index, where they set up racks of unmanned cold Honest drinks offered for $1 - on the honor system.

The same experiment was set up across 60 locations in 50 states, and secret Honest workers were watching at each site to collect info on the number of people who paid vs stole the drinks. Here is some of what they saw:

  • Seattle was 92% honest - but cities like Honolulu, Tennessee and Lake George in NY beat us out (98% and 99% respectively).

  • We are also 3% less honest than the nation as a whole (on average the U.S. was 95% honest)

  • Blondes tended to be the most honest, with brunettes and baldies close behind them

  • Women were on average more honest than men

  • In a subsequent online poll, Honest Tea found that honest people tend to be dog lovers over cat lovers, they watch Cops, and listen to rock n' roll