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When Seattle is your starting point, you have tons of nearby camping destinations and if you drive a Honda Accord, you can get to them on less than a single tank of gas.

Seattleites can get to any of these five campgrounds on a single tank of gas

When Seattle is your starting point, you have tons of nearby camping destinations and if you drive a Honda Accord, you can get to them on less than a single tank of gas. Because of the roomy interior in the Accord, you’ll also be able to fit all of the gear you need for your adventure.

Ready to hit the road and head toward the great outdoors? Consider these five camping destinations you can get to on one tank or less.


Rebuilt to resemble a Bavarian village, this city on the slopes of the Stuart Range and Wenatchee Mountains doesn’t only have tons to offer tourists – it’s also a great destination for campers.

Several different campgrounds are scattered throughout the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest – some like Leavenworth / Pine Village KOA offer cabin accommodations while others like the Lake Wenatchee campsite are for tents and RVs.

Spend the day roughing it in the wilds of Washington or head into town for a hot pretzel and a gander at the world-famous Nutcracker Museum. Outdoor enthusiasts can look into birding, climbing, biking, fishing, hiking, tubing, paddle-boarding and other adventurous pursuits. Best of all, you can get there AND back in your Accord on a single tank with gas to spare.

2.Potlatch State Park

This awesome camping destination is less than 100 miles from Seattle, which means it’s easily within the Accord’s impressive one-tank radius of 500 miles. The park lies along the Hood Canal and campers can see local elk herds, pileated woodpeckers and a beautiful beach. Get your permits before you go camping so you’re ready to harvest the crabs, clams and oysters you find.

Depending on the day, conditions on the waters of the Canal are ideal for windsurfers, divers and kayakers too. Whatever your plan, you can fit the equipment you need easily in the spacious Accord.

3.Cape Disappointment

It might sound like a strange place for a vacation, but don’t worry – Cape Disappointment State Park is an ideal camping destination. Named for Captain John Meares’ failed voyage to find the Columbia River, this park is situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River.

Explore overgrown ruins of military bunkers, see two different lighthouses, hike through old-growth forest and walk around saltwater marshes and tidelands. Pitch a tent or stay in one of the park’s yurts, cabins or unique historic vacation homes. You’ll leave anything but disappointed, and you’ll make it back to Seattle on the same single tank of gas.

4.Larabee State Park

Less than a hundred miles from Seattle, Larabee State Park was Washington’s first state park and is the perfect nearby place to get away from it all. Freshwater lakes allow for plenty of bass and trout fishing, while the waters of Bellingham Bay afford opportunities to catch salmon or go crabbing.

Larabee also boasts good bird watching and lots of lovely trails for hiking and biking through Douglas firs and salal shrubs. The train that runs through the park makes it a great camping destination for train buffs and kids (but could be annoying for light sleepers).

5.Riverside State Park – Bowl and Pitcher Area

This park is around 280 miles east of Seattle situated along the Spokane and Little Spokane Rivers in Eastern Washington. Explore freshwater marshes, coursing rivers and the Nine Mile Recreation Area which is ideal for camping, picnicking, swimming, fishing and boating. You’ll also find horse trails, ATV trails and whitewater kayaking; when it’s cold outside ride your snowmobile or snowshoe around miles of trails.

Seattle is a great city to live in, but it’s also a great city to get away from with so many world-class campgrounds nearby.

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