in partnership says that a cup of free coffee motivates Seattle women to go on a date more than anything else. (Image: Thinkstock)

Seattle women will date for a free cup of coffee, the world's first bribe-for-a-date site (???) polled women in Seattle on what incentives would lead to a first date. More women here said yes to free coffee than any other gift or activity.

First of all, let's talk a little bit about the fact that this kind of site exists. We have so many questions! Is this where people who don't want to date, but like material things go to get free stuff? Who would want to go on a date with someone who is specifically choosing this site over Match or eHarmony?

CarrotDating's site says it's "for the men looking to guarantee a date", so I guess this is for the super sensitive guys who never want to hear no. Good luck in life.

While free coffee was Seattle's "carrot", women in other cities raised the bar: New York City women chose spa treatments in exchange for a first date, while Los Angeles demanded jewelry.

Which begs the question...are Seattle women cheaper, or just more down to earth?