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It's a mini Seahawks Reunion at Paint Nite and we are HERE for it

Who doesn't love sitting down at an easel, with a glass of wine, and giving painting a shot? The Paint Nite franchise is an increasingly popular one, with spin-offs popping up across the country and official Paint Nites happening almost every night in many, many cities.

Not even current and former Seattle Seahawks are immune to the charms of a nice, relaxing Paint Nite.

Jermaine Kearse, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Cliff Avril, Doug Baldwin and their significant others all got together for cute little date night recently painting what appears to be sail boats off a tropical island.

Classic Paint Nite.

While Baldwin is the only active Seahawk (Chancellor and Avril retired due to injuries, Sherman now plays for the 49ers and Kearse for the Jets) the guys and their families are still obviously close friends. And that is the 2019 vibe we are HERE FOR.

Talented on and off the field, #amiright??