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(Image: Seattle Refined)

Seattle Refined host finds out from 'The Daily Show' he's running for president - kinda

It was a normal work day for our host Gaard Swanson. Well, normal in that he was shooting for us down in California, at the new Disneyland "Star Wars: Galaxy Edge" park. Tough life, we know.

Suddenly, his phone started blowing up - people tagging him in a post from "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah", over and over and over again. Now, Gaard is on social media, sure - but MINIMALLY. Let me stress this, as someone who has worked with him for 5+ years...

Here is the post that kept being sent to him, published on the social media account for "The Daily Show".

Sure enough, that's a stock photo Gaard posed for about seven years ago, over at the Washington State Convention Center. Apparently they packed the place with about a hundred or so people, and Gaard walked around onstage shaking hands as the cameras flashed....never knowing that one day that very photo would finally land him, technically, on "The Daily Show".

Producers must have been browsing through stock images, and knew they hit mediocre, white-guy GOLD when they found this one.

In case you were wondering, that photo is now most of our staff's screensavers, and we've taken to called him Pudge around the office. Please feel free to join in if and when you see him out and about.


NOTE: The above campaign ad is DEFINITELY a joke, NOT REAL, and NOT SPONSORED by anyone.