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Seattle ranks #7 in Zillow's 2014 Valentine's Day Index of best metro areas in the country to be single. (Image: Zillow)

Seattle ranks #7 as best city to be single

Thanks to Valentine's Day, February is usually the month of love and couples. But apparently it's also not a bad time to be single, especially in this city. Seattle has just been ranked the 7th best metro area in the country for singles by Zillow's Valentine's Day Index.

Zillow creates this index every year based on areas with large numbers of singles who have high median incomes. They also take into account the density of bars and restaurants making up the city's social scene, as well as the housing availability.

The full list is as follows:

  1. San Francisco

  2. Las Vegas

  3. Los Angeles

  4. Boston

  5. Hartford

  6. Austin

  7. Seattle

  8. Baltimore

  9. Richmond

  10. Philadelphia

We're not totally sold on this ranking - after all, the Seattle Freeze wasn't just made up out of thin air. Looking at the fine print of the index helped us to understand a little better; one of things Zillow took into account was the number of possible "date spots" in the area. We're shocked Seattle didn't make #1 based purely on the amount of coffee houses and cafes we boast - let's call it The Starbucks Factor.