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Seattleites give on average $53 per person, each year (though online donations). (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

Seattle is the most generous city of online donors

Forbes just came out with a list of the cities who give the most to charity online, and Seattle tops it. Donations from the Emerald City amount to $53,542 per 1,000 residents (that's $53 per person).

Other cities in the Top 10 included Atlanta, Ann Arbor - and, wait for it - Bellevue! That's right, two PNW cities in the Top 10 Most Generous Forbes list. Pretty good guys!

In contrast to Seattle's $53 per person average online donation amount, the lowest city on the list (Miami Gardens, FL) gave around 50 cents per person.

Read the whole article and find out the other top (and bottom) cities on the list.