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It's a tough one for singles out there... (Image courtesy of Getty Images).

For the second year in a row, Seattle is the worst city to find love

Well guys and gals, it has been confirmed. For the second year in a row, Seattle has been named America's worst city to find love. But don't just take my word for it!

The Great Love Debate conducted a survey made from the opinions of over 92,000 singles, and the results were not good.

Seattle singles earned low marks in love for lack of communication, confidence, and optimism (talk about a triple threat).

"The past year has unquestionably been a challenging one for the dating dynamic between men and women throughout the country," says Brian Howie, The Great Love Debate coach and How to find love in 60 seconds creator. "And Seattle certainly stood out as not being up to the challenge."

Can someone say ouch?

But, hey, there is hope for us yet! Howie will be coming to Bellevue's Parlor Live with a special Great Love Debate show with the goal of kick-starting Seattle's dating life.

So secure your tickets if you want to change Seattle's bleak future, and enjoy a forum on love, sex, dating, and relationships. A quadruple threat!