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Sonnenberg is a visual artist whose expressive photograms reflect the chaos of his on-going battle with the disease Lupus. (Image: Ross Sonnenberg)

We're bigtime! Local gallery invited to prestigious world art show

Gallery 1/1 in Ballard was selected by one of (if not the most) prestigious fine art photography associations, Association of International Photography Art Dealers, to attend their annual “The Photography Show” dedicated to profiling up-and-coming galleries from around the world. This year, only 20 galleries were selected for the "Discovery" exhibit, including Seattle’s very own Gallery 1/1. The event will take place in New York City on March 30 - April 2.

The local gallery will be bringing their “Seeing the Hand of the Artist – Cameraless Photography” exhibition that profiles the work from three local artists, Jenna Kuiper, Ross Sonnenberg, and Brianna Tadeo. Their work was curated specifically for “The Photography Shows” new Discovery section, which features up and coming exhibits and artists.

Gallery 1/1 specializes exclusively in unique photographic prints, meaning artists are making handcrafted one-of-a-kind prints. The artists featured for this event combine a "fresh contemporary approach with a variety of mediums including alternative processes, experimental, and historic darkroom techniques to create some of the most exciting and authentic photographic prints in the contemporary art world."

I have to admit, the photography jargon is not in my wheelhouse but either way, how cool is it that Seattle will be representing at this extremely exclusive and global event?! For more information, check out the artist profiles below.

Jenna Kuiper
Kuiper is a photographic artist who deftly applies her professional training as a painter to draw with light onto photographic paper in the darkroom. Her still life photograms from the series "Drawing in the Dark" are artistically deceptive as they appear to be a straight-forward photographic tableau of 3D geometric objects yet the objects are an illustrated fiction created in the darkness, unseen and unknown until the prints are developed. Kuiper's Bachelor of Fine Art and Masters of Fine Art in painting are credited for this truly unique ability to shape the light in the darkroom to give objects the dimensionality that only a skilled painter can achieve. Kuiper's work comes to Seattle from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ross Sonnenberg
Sonnenberg is a visual artist whose expressive photograms reflect the chaos of his on-going battle with the disease Lupus. His untraditional cameraless process is a very physical endeavor incorporating live fireworks, hand developed chromogenic and silver-gelatin prints, as well as burning prints by hand with a magnifying glass. In his "Color Bang" series to be seen at AIPAD and GALLERY 1/1 in Seattle, Sonnenberg attempts to harness the chaos and to create his own illuminated galaxies and solar systems with a nod to the original Big Bang billions of years ago. Sonnenberg's work comes to Seattle from Long Beach, California.

Brianna Tadeo
Tadeo is a visual artist whose work focuses on using photographic materials to show the effects of time, mortality, and forms of decay. GALLERY 1/1 will be featuring her brand new series of blood prints where she is creating a record of the physical action of decay and compressing this gradual process into a singular moment. Tadeo has devised a process that combines blood and darkroom chemistry on chromogenic photographic paper to create a unique chemical reaction that records the process of decomposition. This results in a print of vibrant colorful shapes that mimic the viscous forms of blood and cellular tissue. The imagery is made without a camera, just chemistry and real animal organs from her butcher. Tadeo's work comes to Seattle from Oakland, California.