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Calling all Seattle Business Babes!

Owning your own business can be kinda lonely (I know, cue the world's smallest violin) but in all seriousness, when you're constantly a party of one it's nice to have a community of like-minded individuals you can go to for advice. Enter, the Business Babes Collective. It's a pretty sweet resource for businesswomen all around the world that offers online and offline resources and a community to help women grow their businesses.

Women supporting women - doesn't get any better than that!

There's more than 55,000 members overall and the Business Babes Collective Seattle chapter in particular is growing.

"In Seattle over the past year and a half, we have about 5,000 women," said Alisha Kumar, Seattle's Chapter Leader. "And growing daily!"

The collective hosts events and workshops for the purpose of education, community and impact.

"Whether women in Seattle have an idea for a business, [are] new to business, or a seasoned business owner, we are creating a safe space for them to come learn and grow together," she said.

Common industries in the Seattle group include photographers, wedding planners, PR and marketing agencies, boutique owners and florists. And that's just a snapshot.

If you're new to the business ownership world and you just really want to go for it, Kumar says there's an Action Takers Club Program, a four week intensive aimed to help women take action in their business.

"It focuses on branding, social media marketing, sales, and much more," she said. "Someone had signed up a week before moving to Seattle from South America based on our values and education-forward events and workshops she had seen online and in the past 10 months. Her business has taken off and she is now established in Seattle."

The first conference for Business Babes Collective will be hosted here in Seattle, on September 28th.

"It will be a full day of workshops and panels on sales, marketing, goal setting, scaling, and will also include a market of local vendors," said Kumar. "The ultimate goal is to provide resources, both online and offline, and cultivate a strong community for women to grow their businesses."

The online community is totally free, both on Instagram and Facebook.

"We have conversations about collaborations, seek advice, and share wins," said Kumar. Really, something we all should be doing more of - right?

Learn more by heading to or stay up to date on the Instagram page @seattlebusinessbabes.