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SEATTLE IS EXPENSIVE! Okay now that we have that out of the way, according to a report from, Seattle apartment rates are about $500 over the national average. (Image credit: Joshua Lewis/Seattle Refined).

Seattle apartment rates are $500 over national average

I'm about to say something that every Seattleite and/or tourist alike has said with frequency. It shouldn't come as a shock.

SEATTLE IS EXPENSIVE! We all know it, feel it, breathe it - but it still shocks us to see exactly how much prices are really growing. Especially when we make national lists like this one from Go Banking Rates. The report shows that Seattle apartment rates are about $500 over the national average. Gulp.

So - to all you apartment renters out there- here are the deets.

  • The median rent for a one bedroom apartment nationally is $1,234.23. It's $1,795 in Seattle (goodbye, paycheck..It was fun while it lasted).
  • The average square footage of one bedroom apartment nationally is 678.32 square feet - but down to 655.86 square feet in Seattle (yup, so we are paying way more but actually getting less space).
  • Cost of basic monthly utilities nationally is $147.06 - thankfully we are about right on par with this at $143.41
  • Walkability score: this we have going for us! Nationally the score is 52, but we are at 73 (Better break out your bicycle.)

And as far as amenities go:

  • Apartments with a dishwasher: 42 percent (Why is this not higher?! The national average is 68 percent....)
  • Apartments with a washer-dryer: 43 percent (I ask again..why is this not higher?!)
  • Apartments with a pool: 27 percent (Ok not surprising, although the national number for apartments with pools is 61 percent)
  • Apartments with a fitness center: 42 percent (Yeah we're healthy, what's up)
  • Apartments with parking: 36% (Ugh.)
  • Pet-friendly apartments: 27% (and again...WHY IS THIS NOT HIGHER?!?!)

Rent Jungle advises you stay away from apartments for rent in Phinney Ridge, Eastlake and Green Lake. Instead, look at apartments in Olympic Hills, Seward Park and Bitter Lake.

Happy apartment shopping, friends. We're going to go scream into a pillow now.