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Sharing is charing, the motto we all grew up with, the motto we all know and love (Image courtesy of Getty Images).

These are the top Lyft destinations in Seattle

Sharing is caring, the motto we all grew up with, the motto we all know and love.

According to Lyft, 40% of the nationwide rides are shared and in Seattle alone, shared rides have grown over 75% in the last year.

Lyft's Shared ride opportunities grant us discounted prices as well as helps out *mother nature* by saving unnecessary trips to the same part of town.

"What really excites me is that passengers in Seattle are sharing the ride in all sorts of situations including their commutes, nightlife activities, recreation, and daily errands," said Todd Kelsay, General Manager for Lyft Pacific Northwest.

Among all the travelers headed to Sound Transit's University of Washington Link light rail station, 44% of them chose to take a Shared Lyft ride.

And where are all these Seattleites heading to? Lyft did the digging and here are the top 10 shared Lyft destinations:

  1. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
  2. Facebook South Lake Union
  3. University of Washington Station - Sound Transit
  4. Washington State Convention Center
  5. Safeco Field
  6. Sheraton Seattle Hotel
  7. Seattle Center
  8. Gas Works Park
  9. King Street Station
  10. Westfield Southcenter

Ride sharing for the win!