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WHISKEY CAVALIER - ABC's "Whiskey Cavalier" stars Scott Foley as Will Chase, and Lauren Cohan as Frankie Trowbridge. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Scott Foley SIZZLES in his new show Whiskey Cavalier

Actor Scott Foley shared the scoop on 'Whiskey Cavalier.' And let's just say it's NOT your standard spy show.

"Whiskey Cavalier is all about fun if I was gonna put it into one word," said Foley with a grin. "It's a show where I play a spy {Will Chase} who wears his heart on his sleeve. He's in touch with his emotions and each episode we're gonna be saving the world and hopefully each other."

Foley heads up a cast with many notable names including one from 'the dead.'

"I'm playing opposite Laura Cohan who is from Walking Dead fame." Explained Foley. "She plays a CIA agent and my partner in this whole caper and we lead a team of inter agency spies on missions."

The genre is a fun mash-up for the star. "It's Mission Impossible meets Cheers. How bout that?"

Prior to Whiskey Cavalier, Foley spent a long run on the Shonda Rimes hit 'Scandal' playing spy and (sometime Olivia Pope love interest) Jake Ballard.

"It's been a great transition," said the actor. "I was able to work with people on a great show for a long time by playing Jake Ballard. But this has been so much fun to play Will Chase in Whiskey Cavalier."

The two characters are very different. "You know he is maybe the opposite of Jake Ballard if Jake was strong and stoic and unwavering. Will is in touch with his emotions. He is always ready to crack a joke in a serious situation. And for me that's great that's what I would do when we weren't rolling the camera on Scandal."

In additions to all all the action, there's some serious chemistry between his character and Lauren Cohan's character Frankie Trowbridge.

"That's interesting you know chemistry's a hard thing to define or talk about. You know I find her jokes funny. She pretends to laugh at mine and we get along."

If the show's locations look exotic, it's because they are.

"We're all sort of sequestered as a cast you know this group of Americans," Foley noted. "We shoot the show in Prague in the Czech Republic so we really have to rely on each other for much more than showing up at work and knowing our lines."

The actor takes creating compelling characters seriously.

"There's a lot of work that goes into them. I could get really detailed and weird actor-y here. I spend hours, days before starting shooting anything. Writing down every thing I can think of about this character. Everything I want him to be. Everything I don't want him to be."

For Foley, that is what makes his work so rewarding. "That's what I love about my job you know? Sort of creating these people and finding the fun in it."

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