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School of Rock Tour. Photo by  Evan Zimmerman-MurphyMade (6).jpg
School of Rock Tour. (Photo by Evan Zimmerman-Murphy)

School of Rock Gets a Gold Star for Fun

"School of Rock: The Musical" shreds the stage at the Paramount Theatre!

"It's a feel good show and it is about this guy who is a rock star at heart, but kind of a loser to everyone else," said Madison Micucci, who plays Patty DiMarco.

DiMarco is the only one in the show who is reasonable, says Micucci. When it comes to her boyfriend's failed rockstar roommate, Dewey Finn, Patty is out of patience.

"Because the stakes are so high and because it's such a theatrical premise she comes off as the villain," she said. "She's just really annoyed at him because he's been living in the house that her boyfriend Ned lives in and he's a total slob."

He leaves things everywhere, doesn't pay rent...

"...and so she wants him out," said Micucci. "She wants him out - at least she wants half of the rent paid. So not too much to ask, I don't think!"

Then he poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school and the students are in for a surprise!

"Dewey takes a huge risk by impersonating a teacher and doing something that seems really bad," she said. "But in the end he was just the right kind of teacher for them. He kind of opened them up to being themselves."

How? By teaching all these little geniuses to play rock music.

"And so he kind of - he turns them into rock stars!" said Micucci. "All these classically trained little guys - and then trouble ensues."

Sure the adult actors are amazing, but it's the pint-sized prodigies who play the students that steal the show with their mad musical skills.

"Some of them are I think it's between like 9 and 12!" she said. "They're amazing and they're so energetic. They're balancing school with eight shows a week and press - and growing up. So I think the adults in the cast - myself included - we have to rise to the occasion to not only be good role models but also learn from them."

All the kids even play their own instruments.

"It's like going to a rock concert every night!"

Speaking of music - there's a mega-famous name behind it...

"Andrew Lloyd Webber is super well-known," said Micucci. "He wrote the music for "Evita", "Cats", "Phantom of the Opera", "Jesus Christ Superstar" - hits you know that everybody fondly remembers."

If you like rockin' tunes, a story of rebellion, and a touch of romance - this musical is sure to strike a chord with you.

"I won't spoil the end of the show," she said. "But in the end the parents realized what they were missing out on in their children's lives - how amazing there little people are and they had no idea their talents and their interests."

"One of the most important underlying messages is - is listening. Is being there for each other in a family."

School of Rock: The Musical is on stage at The Paramount Theatre through Sunday May 19.