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Rondeau's Reviews: 'Operation Finale'

What does evil look like? And would you know it if you saw it? That's the question I kept asking myself during "Operation Finale".

The film tells the true story of the raid and capture of notorious Nazi Adolph Eichmann by Israeli Mossad agents in Argentina circa 1960.

Oscar winner Ben Kingsley plays Eichmann, and Oscar Isaac plays Peter Malkin, a Mossad agent who breaks with protocol when he attempts to see the man behind the monster.

"Operation Finale" is one of those thrillers in the vein of "Argo", where if you know your history you know how the movie ends, yet you keep asking yourself - how is it gonna end? That said, the abduction and race to escape Argentina never reaches the edge-of-your-seat tension you might expect.

But it is the scenes between Kingsley and Isaac that elevate the film to another level - as the actors play quid pro quo with their personal lives, probing them for weaknesses, looking to discover what makes the other tick, forcing you to wonder how one man could commit the most heinous atrocity of modern history, and how the other could find it in his heart to feel compassion towards him.

I give "Operation Finale" four out of five stars.