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Rondeau's Reviews: 'Ocean's Eight'

It's a serious case of girl power at the movies this weekend as the female caper comedy "Ocean's Eight" hits theaters.

Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett lead an all star cast in the surprisingly pedestrian Ocean's Eight. The crime caper is a spinoff of the popular George Clooney / Rat Pack Franchise. In this version, Bullock plays Danny Ocean's slippery con-artist sister, fresh out of prison and ready to pull off a daring jewelry heist.

To do it she assembles a gorgeous team of female crooks, who hatch a plot to swipe a $150 million dollar necklace off the neck of a hilariously self-involved actress, played to the hilt by a very funny Anne Hathaway.

The film has a fun effervescent quality, and the cast is engaging and like-able. - unfortunately the script is painfully straight forward, absent of the nail-biting twists and turns that made the other films in the series so fun. Besides Bullock and Blanchett (who sort of smirk their way through the film - looking great I might add) - no one else gets much of a backstory to work with.

Ocean's Eight is like a sports car without an engine. It looks great, but it never gets out of the driveway.

I give it two and a half waves.