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Actress Michelle Stafford stars as Nina on ABC's daytime drama General Hospital. She's also a mom of two and entrepreneur. Her' Skin Nation Beauty' line of skin care is all organic. (ABC/Craig Sjodin).<p></p>

Riding in Cars with Soap Stars: Our Visit with General Hospital's Michelle Stafford

"General Hospital" is a long way from Sea-Tac Airport. That's why we were so thrilled when actress Michelle Stafford flew to town for our KOMO So Northwest Women's Show at The Tacoma Dome. Stafford plays the smart and sexy Nina Clay on the long running daytime drama.

Since she had a tight schedule, we did our own version of the Jerry Seinfeld show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," and interviewed her on the go. We called it "Talking in a Town Car on the Way to Tacoma."

First up - we asked the Emmy award-winning actress about being a part of the GH family.

"I think it's our fifty-fifth anniversary this year," said Stafford.

And before she was a cast member - she was a fan!

"It's really great cause I watched it!," she laughs. "I have fun working with everyone there. They're all a great group."

When Stafford joined the cast, her character was in a wheelchair for months. But as GH fans know... she didn't actually need to be.

"She was in the wheelchair because she was lying, right - because she came back, because Silas [her character's ex-husband] has moved on," explained Stafford. "She came back out of a coma and she was really upset that everybody had moved on, and she had some issues that she's addressed and now she's OK."

We asked the soap star what she loves about playing that role.

"I love that Nina is fun and she's like, somewhat childlike," she said.

These days, Nina is back with bad boy/romantic interest 'Valentin Cassadine' - and there's some great chemistry there.

"I love him," Stafford confesses. "I love James [actor James Patrick Stuart], he's awesome."

Needless to say, there's always a lot happening on General Hospital...including the recent on-screen death of Stafford's character's brother, Nathan. We asked her for the scoop on what's happening next.

"Nina is sort of becoming really strong for everyone else," says Stafford. "I like the way that they're writing Nina right now. I like this Nina. She's really being there for her sister-in-law. And I think they might be toying with Nina wanting to take Maxie's [Nina's sister-in-law] baby."


In addition to Stafford's successful career as an actress, she's also an entrepreneur. Her sister Janene's health scare sparked the idea.

"I just wanted to make products that were organic and natural products that were affordable," she explained. "My sister was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer five years ago, so I started studying toxins and carcinogenics that are in the food and I came across finding chemicals, so many horrible chemicals that are in the skin care. Not just carcinogenics like poisons." Since the skin is the body's biggest organ, Stafford wanted people to have a all-natural choice for skin care.

So she decided to take action, starting Skin Nation Beauty.

"I wanted to create a natural and organic skin care line that everybody could afford. Because a lot of times when you hear organic it's really expensive, right? I just wanted to create that -so I have," Stafford says with a smile.

The products are also vegan, PETA-certified cruelty free and made in the USA.

We asked her about her sister Janine's health today .

"She's great! Five years cancer-free," Stafford happily reports.

While her career and business are important to her - the job Stafford clearly relishes is being a mom of two.

"Natalia is eight and Jameson is two," she beams. "They're both very focused and very assertive and have a mind of their own and independent."

Her secret to doing it all?

"I delegate. I've learned because I used to take it all on."

Michelle Stafford is an actress, entrepreneur, mom and inspiration!

"I love talking to women. I love inspiring women."