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Sherman is buffing up his resume by adding his first “directorial debut,” as he sat behind the camera for Oberto’s Beef Jerky 2017 marketing and ad campaign. (Image: Oberto Jerky)

Richard Sherman loves beef jerky, promptly adds 'director' to his resume

Richard Sherman: best corner in the game, Harry Potter fan, father - and now, director.

Sherman is adding to his resume with his directorial debut! advertisement. Sherm was behind the camera this time, for Oberto’s Beef Jerky 2017 marketing and ad campaign.

Oberto, Sherman, and New England Pat’s Rob Gronkowski partnered to try and connect the brand with those who live an active lifestyle (beef jerky = high protein = good post workout snack). Even though they're competitors on the field, Sherman and Gronkowski bonded over their shared love of Oberto's (sorry - we're dying over here), and being the talent in the commercials. BUT! Sherman took it a step further by directing Gronkowski in his shots.

In the clip below, see behind the scenes to watch Sherman direct Gronkowski. Doesn't it feel good to see a Hawk telling a Pat what to do?!