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These are a few of Richard Sherman's favorite things

Move over Maria, here are are a few of Richard Sherman's favorite things!

The Player’s Tribune, a new media company founded by Derek Jeter, allows professional athletes a platform to share their first-person stories to connect with their fans.

And the Hawks very own cornerback penned his own piece for the Tribune called, “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things."

Curiosity officially piqued, who doesn't want to know what Sherm's fav things are?!

Through a photo essay, Sherman gives a tour of his “man cave,” shares pictures of his kiddos, shows his bookshelf, snaps a selfie of him and his wife, and exposes his nerdy side with Harry Potter DVD's and video-gaming devices. Sure, he's a professional athlete, but he's also just an everyday lad!

Of course, we wanted to be the ones who broke Sherman’s “fav things,” list but it’s all good. Maybe next time, *cough Sherman cough* he'll come straight to us before the Tribune!

Check out Sherman’s piece for The Player’s Tribune!