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COVID-19 may have temporarily changed the world, but living the American dream in retirement is still possible.

Your future starts with a solid retirement plan

Does thinking of retirement planning bring thoughts of fear and uncertainty? It doesn't have to be that way!

The Retirement Solution works with people who are nearing retirement to help bring clarity to their dreams and equip them with the knowledge to transition with confidence. If you're thinking about retiring, your vision can become a reality when The Retirement Solution shows you how to navigate the planning process. You don't have to hope and wish that you won't run out of money or wonder how you'll pay the bills. Share with them the lifestyle you envision in retirement, and they'll show you how you can sustain it throughout your golden years.

COVID-19 may have temporarily changed the world, but living the American dream in retirement is still possible. Without a steady paycheck, it's invaluable to know exactly how much you can spend every year without running out of money. The Retirement Solution will help you create a written retirement plan that tells you exactly when you can confidently leave your job, knowing you don't need another paycheck to survive.

It's helpful to understand all of the benefits a written retirement plan can provide. Your written plan will:

  • Show you how much you can spend every month of every year, taking the youngest spouse through age 100. The primary fear of retirees is running out of money after they've left their job.
  • Include all of your assets and income sources.
  • Account for healthcare costs, taxes, expenses, and inflation.
  • Show you how to properly allocate your income to minimize or avoid stock market risk while allowing your wealth to grow. Even if the market plummets amid a catastrophe like COVID-19, you'll feel secure because you have a sound retirement plan, and your money is protected.
  • Create a strategy for legally keeping as much money in your pocket as possible instead of handing it over to the IRS.

You wouldn't drive across country without a map, yet many head into retirement without knowing how to fund their dream retirement. Don't get lost before you get started. Download this worry-free retirement planning guide today.

You've been laid off—now what?

Perhaps you are one of the millions of people who have lost their jobs during this pandemic.

Maybe you'd like to retire now, but how do you know if you can? Imagine the freedom and relief you would feel from knowing you've saved enough money to last the rest of your life. If you need to return to work after being laid off, a retirement plan can still help you understand how much longer you need to work and how much money you need to save to retire comfortably.

The Retirement Solution can help you determine where you stand through a complimentary retirement planning meeting. Visit TheRetirementSolution/contact. You can also use their Layoff Survival Guide and Retirement Nest Egg Calculator online.

Dodge hidden financial fees with full transparency and save thousands

Can you imagine buying a car or house without knowing how much you're paying? It sounds crazy, but millions of people are paying hidden fees on their managed investments. Imagine if you knew that you could save thousands of dollars a year that you didn't even know you were paying. Stop throwing your hard-earned cash to the wind. Take your vision to The Retirement Solution and allow them to show you how to create a solid retirement plan to get you where you want to go for a whole lot less.

Everyone deserves to retire with confidence. Hundreds of families retire right with The Retirement Solution because, when it comes to retirement planning, it's worth putting in the work to do it right. After all, there are no do-overs in retirement. Everyone deserves to retire with confidence, and they're here to help you live your "happily ever after" story during the best or worst of times. Click this link to download a copy of Jim Black's book that describes The Retirement Solution's easy-to-implement strategies.

Right now, The Retirement Solution is offering a free virtual or telephone consultation, along with a draft of an income plan, customized just for you. Visit TheRetirementSolution/contact to schedule your free consultation and regain control of your financial future.