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Pepper is our next dog featured in our Refined to the Rescue series! (Image courtesy of Saving Great Animals).

Pepper found a home!

As of October 3, 2017, Pepper has found a home! After a trial run, Sophie and her family have fallen in love with Pepper and want to make her their forever pup. After a few bumps here and there, Pepper has really come to love her new family and home.

Everyone meet, Pepper!

Pepper is our next dog featured in our Refined to the Rescue series! Back in December, we partnered with Saving Great Animals, a local non profit that rehabilitates and re-homes dogs in need, to help spread the word about wonderful dogs who are, for some odd reason, having a hard time getting adopted. So far we have helped find homes for Jethro, Zoey, and George, three gorgeous animals who just needed their moment in the spotlight!

So, without further ado, here is Pepper. Pepper is a 1.5 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix with good looks and a great personality. Her fosters say she loves people, is eager to please, treat-motivated (aren't we all), easy to train, loves other dogs, running, playing, you name it!

Peps is best fit for a home where family members are active, (hikers, runners, etc) - she has a bunch of energy! The gal can sometimes come on a little strong with other dogs and people, so a little training wouldn't hurt!

Pepper was found as a stray in Huron County, California. They don't have an animal control shelter there so Pepper was housed at the local police department for some time! But - SGA picked up this beautiful pooch in efforts to settle Pepper into a family.

If you are interested in Pepper, email Perrin Kaplan at