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(Image: Saving Great Animals)

Refined to the Rescue: Let's find Jemma her new BFF

Refined to the Rescue is back at it again, and we think you'll be just as excited to meet her as we are to introduce her to you!

Meet Jemma!

As a Lab/Collie mix, Jemma loves adventure. You won't ever have to explore alone, because she'll be right there with you. Hiking, walking, swimming, you name it; Jemma is trained and ready for the outdoors, which is perfect for the active Seattle-ite.

Jemma is about two years old, and knows commands such as "sit", "down", "here" (hiking), and "walk with me" (hiking off leash). She's very intelligent, and will do well in a home with an established set of rules.

This girl might just be the perfect Valentine's Day surprise, so how about it? Can you help us find her a home? If you or someone you know is looking for an exciting addition to a warm home, Jemma could be just the companion you're looking for.

Visit to meet and learn more about Jemma, and apply for foster/adoption!