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Refined Review: Cute Refillable Sanitizer Sprayer

The Refined team is stuck inside, just like you guys - and we're similarly trying to find things to do and ways to pass the time! John Prentice started 'Refined Reviews' where he reviews everyday household items (and more unique ones) - because honestly, why not. And we're biased but we think he's pretty funny.

Right now, hand sanitizer is just part of everyday life. And if you're tired of tiny, half-full, disposable bottles of sanitizer accumulating in your car, coats or pocketbook (do people still call them that?) the Sanikind Mini might be worth a look. It's a fashionable and refillable sanitizer sprayer made from recycled plastic that the manufacturer says was on its way to being dumped in the ocean. Yikes!

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The Sanikind Mini is cute, available in a variety of fun colors and comes with a little clippy doo-dad that the instructions say is perfect for attaching the sprayer to your "purse, belt, keys, diaper bag, dog, sticky children etc."

I tested how difficult it is to attach this product to a child (mine, not some random kid) and it was pretty hard to clip the Sanikind Mini to a moving target. In my opinion a larger, lockable, carabiner style clip would be easier to use than the tiny, spring-loaded,"S"-hook it comes with. However, once in place, it was attached securely.

Also, please don't let your child handle the Sanikind Mini unsupervised. I've never had hand sanitizer in my eye but I'd imagine it's unpleasant.

Sanikind sells refills of their sanitizer solution in recyclable aluminum containers but also say any liquid (not gel) sanitizer solution will work. To refill, remove the sprayer from its sleeve to reveal the tiny glass jar inside. Unscrew the top and use possibly the smallest funnel in existence (included!) to pour fresh sanitizer inside of the jar's impossibly narrow neck.

Avoiding spills will require a steady hand. But buying refills in bulk has the potential to save a lot of money in the long-run, compared to purchasing disposable plastic bottles of sanitizer.

The Sanikind Mini costs $18, which is about six-times the price of a small disposable bottle of hand sanitizer.

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