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This company's slogan is "Let's go break sh*t!" and we want in

At most businesses, you break it... you buy it. But at Rage Industry on Lake City Way, you buy it... you break it.

Their slogan is literally "Hey, Let's go break sh*t!"

How awesome is that???

There are similar smash shops around the country, but this is one of the first places in Seattle.

"This one day I was watching "Zombieland" and they go in a store and destroy everything," said Leslie Nguyen, owner of Rage Industry. "I was like, 'that looks so satisfying.'"

She just knew Seattle needed a spot like that - and she was right.

Word is now spreading about Rage Industry - and, dare we say, it's becoming...a smash hit!

You suit up in protective gear, pick your weapon of choice (most people pick a baseball bat) and smash everything from glass to TVs to toilets.

"Ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends bring in things when they break up and just go crazy in the room," said Nguyen. "They can scream in there, they hit things with their friends and afterwards they are numb. Felt good to get it out."

But you don't have to go through a break-up to have fun at Rage Industry. We followed a couple who let it out in the rage room recently and just watching the clip felt good!

From more information about Rage Industry head to their website.