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If you aren't using ReachNow to travel around Seattle, then you are missing out on a VIP experience. Members of ReachNow enjoy all the benefits of car ownership without having to own, insure or keep up a car.

ReachNow: The best way to get around Seattle

If you aren't using ReachNow to travel around Seattle, then you are missing out on a VIP experience. Members of ReachNow enjoy all the benefits of vehicle ownership without having to own, insure or worry about upkeep on a car.

How does it work?

Over 700 BMW and MINI vehicles are available in the Seattle area, so you can either pick a car that fits you or has space for family and friends. Parked around the city, these vehicles are ready for immediate use. Members who want to drive somewhere follow three simple steps:

  1. Find a car: ReachNow's convenient app shows members where cars are parked throughout Seattle. Once the member chooses which nearby car to drive, reserve for up to 30 minutes free. The car is easily unlocked with the app or the member's ReachNow member card.
  2. Drive: It's as simple as getting in the car, entering your PIN, and driving to your destination. Members can drive for as long as they'd like, paying by the minute, hour or day - you'll automatically get the best rate without having to pre-select how long you want to use the car.
  3. Drop: To end a trip, the driver parks free in any legal street parking space within Seattle's home area. Pro tip - this includes metered spaces throughout Seattle.

What if you don't want to drive yourself?

If you want someone else to drive you to your destination, ReachNow provides that option, as well. This service is great for the times you need to make phone calls from the back seat, catch up on work or read a book. This option will take members anywhere within the Seattle city limits, including to the airport.

A driver will come pick you up in a nice, comfortable BMW every time. Rest assured that you won't be surprised by surge pricing, and you will receive a fare estimate before every ride.

Members can schedule rides anywhere from 20 minutes to seven days in advance, and they can tailor the ride to their specifications. For example, you can ask that a ride is quiet, otherwise known as "Do Not Disturb" mode. You can also set the temperature and radio station to whatever suits your tastes.

With this premium service, members who take advantage of ReachNow Ride will have access to water, candy and phone chargers as soon as they enter the car.

Where can you drive?

Whether your destination is two minutes or two days away, you can drive wherever you want, as long as you start and end your trip within the Seattle home area. Trips to the grocery store, road trips to visit Grandma and Grandpa, commutes to the airport - wherever you need to go, you can drive there.

Where can you park?

With ReachNow, parking is a breeze.

"In Seattle, legal on-street parking is free, including meters and RPZs," according to ReachNow.

ReachNow also offers dozens of free designated parking spaces in private parking lots and garages, including the Pacific Science Center's Claypool Memorial Garage, Eden Apartments, 500 Mercer Street Garage and more.

How can you sign up?

Download the ReachNow app to get started and most members are on the road within minutes. To sign-up, you need your driver's license and a credit card. Getting yourself from point A to point B is as simple as choosing a car, driving it to your destination and parking.

ReachNow is comfort at your convenience with a car that requires no commitment from you. Become a member or to find out more about this new service at