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RANT: Keep the Elf on the Shelf to yourself

Here at Refined, we like to keep things light and fun - most of the time. But we're humans, just like our readers, and every now and then we just have to RANT. We've done it with traffic, and food trucks, and gallery walls - and now we're doing it with Elves on the Shelves. At the best this might strike a chord for some of you, at the worst you might just get a laugh from how passionate we are about inanimate objects. Either way, enjoy!

Let me start off by saying this: I am the mother of a toddler and totally support the 'Elf on the Shelf' phenomenon during the holidays. It’s a great way to get your kids in the holiday spirit, while keeping them in line at the same time.

I get it. What I don’t get?

People who post the crazy situations and antics that “Penelope” or “Carlos” the Elf get into on social media. I’m talking EVERY DAY for 24 days of "Uh oh...look what happened last night!"

I totally understand that friends and family want to see photos of your children, your pets - maybe even that cool holiday activity you're participating in. That's 95 percent of social media, after all. But do people really care what your Elf on the Shelf is up to? No seriously, I'm asking - because my Facebook and Instagram feeds are clogged with Elf scenarios (some creative, and some not-so-much) and I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND.

This rant came about because I started talking about this at work one day. Ok - I've talked about it at work pretty much every day for the last week. My passionate confusion made me think - there's no way I can be alone in this, right? I’m not trying to be a Grinch. I love Christmas! In fact, my tree was up before Thanksgiving which, to a lot of people, is taboo.

But is it really Facebook-post-worthy when Magic the Elf gets into the cereal overnight? I love cereal too, and you don't see me posting about it! Or how about when Twinkle finds the holiday wine? Move over Twinks, I found it a week ago. And when Snowflake is sitting on the toilet? I sit on the...well, you get it. I don't have to go there.

So parents, this is me honestly asking you to explain. Why do you post the Elf shenanigans? Is it to show off your creativity? Is it to inspire others? Did you spend so much time thinking of that crazy situation that you have to show it to somebody other than your kids?

Seriously, I want to know WHY! And I also know what you're thinking - I should just unfollow the Elf on the Shelf culprits. I honestly did think about that, but there are too many (and to be honest, I do like a lot of their non-Elf posts). As for getting off social media all together? A) I'm human, and B) I need it for work.

I know, I know - woe is me when the thing keeping me up at night is a gosh darn Elf. But come on, there's gotta be someone out there who agrees with me, right? They're everywhere! And I really do think the premise is great. But I also think this is one holiday tradition that should be limited to, say, one post per person.

Bottom line: Unless your Elf wrote the next ‘Despacito’, keep your Elf on the Shelf to Yourself.