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Credit: Peregrine Church/Rainworks (Supplied by

Raining? Look around the city for magical art to appear...

Nearly every day you'll find artist and creator Peregrine Church carving away at another work of art.

"We do this to make people smile when it rains," he said. "Rain is usually this disorder, [but] using Rainworks we can make things that give people a reason to smile when it rains. Now when it rains people can look forward to it, because all the art is appearing."

Rainworks is Church's company, and today he's delicately cutting a stencil he'll use to create invisible art work, which only appears when it gets wet.

"Normally when concrete gets wet it darkens," he said. "This is a hydrophobic coating, which means it repels water. So everywhere in the stencil is going to repel water so next time everything gets wet the concrete changes color except for where we sprayed."

Today, people are using spray to create their own messages - you can find Rainworks art all over the world.

"The largest image we ever made was Indiana," said Church. "It's 36 feet, and we had over 100 people to reveal it with water balloons. It was really a fun time, made for a great artwork as well!"

And here in Fremont, images are hidden everywhere. But sometimes finding the secret art is kinda tricky.

"One of the things that make me smile the most is when people - after they find out about Rainworks - say 'Oh my gosh and I can’t wait till it rains!'" said Church. "It’s just the perfect reaction. It’s really satisfying and really makes it all worth it."