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Rad Power Bikes: Ballard bicycles with extra juice!

There are few things more fun than riding a bicycle on a beautiful day. But, if pedaling up hills isn't quite your speed, Rad Power Bikes in Ballard might be for you.

“Electric bikes at their core are like a regular bicycle, with brakes, pedals all of that," said Ty Collins, co-found of Rad. "But, Rad Power Bikes have a battery, motor, and motor controller. So, you can get as much or little electric boost as you want. You can get a small amount of assistance or pretend you have super-human robot legs and it’ll do most of the work.”

Rad Power Bikes started in 2007 with some Frankenstein-looking electric bikes. And from those humble beginnings, the company has expanded, with sales around the globe.

“Over the past few years we’ve seen pretty explosive growth," he said. "As of right now we’re the largest electric bike manufacturer in North America.”

Even though Rad Power Bikes are built using internationally sourced components, Collins said the company's roots are in Ballard. The Seattle neighborhood is home to Rad Power Bikes offices and bicycle showroom. Customers can opt for a quick and easy online purchase or stop by the Ballard showroom for test ride and in-person retail experience.

We met one customer who came in to take a test ride and left with a bike.

“I had been eyeballing them for a while, and using the Lime Bikes around town," she said. "Just wasn’t super impressed with them but really like the idea of an e-bike, I came here and was just super impressed with the bikes and customer service. I’m actually going to ride it home.”

Rad Power Bikes offers a wide range of styles. There are bikes that can handle dirt, city streets, and hauling passengers or cargo. Perfect for the delivery person who doesn't want to sit in traffic.

How much do they cost?

"The vast majority of our bikes are $1,500 - with one of our models $1600 - definitely not cheap product,” Collins said.

But he swears a Rad Power Bike is worth the cash. For work or play a Rad Power Bike will get you where you're going. With a little boost!

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