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(Image: <a href="" target="_blank">Halodeck 3-D Studios</a>)

Print yourself in 3-D, in Kirkland

The owners of Halodeck 3-D Studios say their Kirkland storefront is a "portal to the digital realm." They specialize in 3-D scanning...people!

Yup, printing them out in a variety of mediums and helping to convert real humans into digital avatars.

“We take a collection of 178 photos, stitch the together and print out a 3D model. All of these are customers who have been inside our studio,” said co-owner Dawn Morse, motioning toward the life-like statuettes lining the walls.

Morse and her husband started Halodeck 3-D Studios a few years ago, and says all kinds of people come into their store. They've scanned and printed a firefighter, countless family 3-D portraits, true-to-life wedding cake toppers and even a knight in armor.

The statues are printed out of sandstone in color and the detail is astounding. Check 'em out!