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(Image: Jake George)

Pregnancy Confessions: Here's What I Didn't Know Before I Got Pregnant

I recently received a message on Instagram of someone saying he thought it was interesting how I was sharing my pregnancy on social media, and the difference in how his friend - who is also expecting - was going about it. He then sent me a picture of a woman with gorgeous hair, a big bare belly with a giant red bow tied around it/her, and her husband's hands on the sides of her belly looking down at her adoringly.

As opposed to my video of eating snacks in sweatpants surrounded by a giant pregnancy pillow and not wanting to move ever again. It was observations and comments like this that spur me on even more to being as honest as I can in this process. To anyone considering having a child in the future, here are the things I didn’t know that I have learned so far.

Counting by Weeks is Necessary:

I used to get so annoyed when I’d ask women how far along they are and they’d tell me the weeks - because math is not my strong suit and that means nothing to me. It wasn’t until I read the sentence “Your baby will now start to double in size each week” that made me understand and instantly panic. So much changes in that short amount of time, and it can make a world of difference. From being sick in the first trimester to entering into the second of no more nausea and increased energy, that particular week made me feel like myself again!

It’s Possible to Outgrow Maternity Clothes:

I thought that once I had a certain amount of maternity clothes, I was good to go for the whole pregnancy! However, my thighs and newly larger circumference strongly disagreed. From week to week things can fit totally different! Thank God for friends that offer up maternity hand-me-downs.

It Takes a Really Long Time to Actually Look Pregnant:

From the time I found out I was pregnant to when it was acceptable to actually make it public information, I literally just looked like I’d been pounding cheeseburgers and given up on life. And I’ve learned how real the term 'baby bloat' is.

I Really Wanted a Girl:

It wasn’t until we found out we were having a boy and tears were streaming down my face on the drive home while I blubbered “Don’t tell him I cried” to my husband, that I realized I really had my heart set on a girl. I was upset at myself for just assuming that because I felt like it was and had dreams about it, like that was somehow the deciding factor. When obviously this is one of those things in life that we have no control over. I then started crying because I felt guilty and already like I was failing as a mom. Have I mentioned my emotions have been completely uncontrollable as well? It’s been fun.

I Miss Alcohol:

Yep. This is about the one thing that has gone as expected.

Fun facts:

  • This baby is moving constantly
  • I have been very jealous of my husband’s ability to do all the things at times when I’ve had to “lay down” instead of being productive
  • I’m currently 19 weeks (almost 5 months)
  • I lived off of popsicles and mac and cheese for almost the entire first trimester
  • My skin hasn’t been this clearever
  • I get nervous about what having a baby will do to my career and have found that tons of women have felt/feel that way too.

I’m now just about half way through my entire pregnancy and it’s challenging, super weird, and amazing all at the same time. I’m taking all suggestions, advice, and any wisdom anyone can offer. Thank you for everyone that’s reached out on socials, asked how i’m feeling, and just supported my journey. I appreciate each and every one of you!