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Photo Courtesy: Posthotel Facebook Page

From now on, we're only staying at this adults-only hotel when we're in Leavenworth

Leavenworth is known for its Bavarian charm, but Posthotel is something new for the area: a luxurious, adults-only spa hotel. It's located just a couple blocks from town, but it feels like it's a world away, and that's the point.

"It's a nice getaway," said Chris John, General Manager. "A nice, relaxing place for people to come bring their spouses or their loved ones and just relax."

Each room is outfitted with a plush king-sized bed, gas fireplace and enormous marble tub. The best part? Every single room faces the river. That means incredible views and a tranquil setting.

It took ten years to build Posthotel. One family's labor of love. Chris is the GM, his wife, Robin, designed the place, and his father-in-law, Rob Johnson - well, he built pretty much everything.

"We did all the hand-carving, metal-bending, wood-turning and all the masonry. There's more than a million pounds of stone on this building," Rob explained. "Some people are just born to do certain things and I love the detail, I love the challenge, so I just feel privileged to be able to do it."

Posthotel is inspired by the European wellness hotels Chris and Robin stayed at while traveling through the Alps.

"A big part of the wellness aspect is to take care of yourself - your mind, your body and your spirit," said Chris. "When you come in the hotel, we hope people spend time [at the property]. They're in the pools, they're in the steam rooms, they come have breakfast, lunch, walk around in their bathrobes and just enjoy that time.

When you visit, it doesn't take long to get into relaxation mode. They serve breakfast, lunch and desert for guests every day. There's a tranquil spa that offers an array of facials, massages and body treatments. But, the centerpiece of the property is the pool and wellness area, which features an array of saunas and steam rooms, including one with heated marble beds. There's also cold tubs, reflexology pools and even a nap room.

"To be able to take a nap on a waterbed. Just close your eyes. This day in age we're so busy, we're out and about so much it's hard to find time just to relax, so that's want we want to offer here," explained Chris.

The picturesque pool is indoor-outdoor with a massive hot tub where you can take in the crisp mountain air and soak up the scenery. It's open daily from 7 a.m. - 11 p.m., so it's the perfect place to begin or end any day. (Pro tip: Chris recommends hitting the pool first thing in the morning when the steam is rising off the water. If you go early it's a good bet you'll have the whole place to yourself.)

After spending time at Posthotel, one can't help but feel a sense of peace and tranquility, and that's exactly what the team at the hotel wants for all their guests.

"I hope [guests] have renewal," said Rob. "I hope they have a lasting experience, so if they're here for a few days I hope that extends over for months and that they just have a better life experience after being here."