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Kirkland Artist Jodie Sarah Masiwchuk

Portrait art is going to the dogs

Forget stuffy paintings of people, portrait art is going to the dogs. Kirkland artist Jodie Sarah Masiwchuk captures the spirit of her subjects in bright, bold colors-- no sitting still required. Clients send in their photos, and if there's a special toy, it just may make it into the painting too. But this art isn't limited to dogs... cats, bunnies, or any beloved pet can be celebrated on canvas.

In addition to her commissioned work, Masiwchuk also donates her talent to help the animals at Homeward Pet Shelter in Woodinville. If there's a pet that hasn't found a home and they've been at the shelter for a while, Masiwchuk will spotlight the animal by doing a portrait. When the pet is adopted, the owner gets to take their four legged friend home, as well as a priceless piece of art.