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Seahawks fans from all over the country cheered on their Seattle Seahawks at Super Bowl 48 in New Jersey. The Seahawks led wire to wire to a 43-8 win and gave their fans lots to cheer about. February 2nd 2014. (Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

Here's A Handy Playoff Survival Guide

Football season is at its peak, folks - aka, the playoffs! Almost every sports fan can relate to the mild heart attacks that come from a "hail mary" pass or the nail-biting pressure of a game winning (or losing) field goal. To get through this stressful time, I've gathered some helpful tips to help every Seattleite spread their 12th man spirit.

Use rituals that have been deemed successful in the past. And if it's working - DON'T CHANGE IT! If you've worn the same jersey without washing it, ate the same food, or sat in the same seat, pick your habit and stick to it. If your friend steps into the bathroom and your team gets an interception - then in the bathroom they will stay!! Or until the majority of the group decides it will no longer affect the game.

Location, Location Location:
This is KEY to having a successful game day. Know yourself and pick your location wisely. It's important to plan ahead of time, based on how you really want to watch the game. Main options include:

  • Small Group at Home: If you like to watch every play and discuss the decisions on the field with your knowledgeable buddy, watching it a friends house with a select amount of people is the way to go. There you can be select about other serious sports attendees who are going to be as glued to game as you. However

If you host, PREPARATION IS KEY! Especially if you want to actually pay attention to the game, whoever is hosting needs to plan ahead. Have signs up, and snacks out so you're not grabbing a bottle opener every five minutes or showing someone where the restroom is. Ordering food to be delivered at half time so you're not grilling up steaks during those awesome plays will be imperative in saving valuable game watching time. Oh, and don't forget ice!

  • Local Bar: If you like more of a party vibe, you can't go wrong with a local bar, especially one full of Seahawks fans. You do need to be aware that if there are multiple TVs on, you may be glancing from different games back to your team of choice, and distractions are sure to be plenty in a bar or pub. Also, space could be an issue so send someone down early to get a pitcher of beer and post up at a table to save room for the straggler friends. Plus, if there ends up being an epic win, the large group all celebrating together can be ridiculously fun.
  • Post-Game: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. If the game goes south, don't be offended if people put their heads down and duck out early. Everyone mourns a loss in their own way. In case of a victory, have the appropriate beverages ready (perhaps in a shot glass), and expect that people are most likely going to be down to hang out and celebrate!