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The world’s first-ever Lounge by TopGolf is almost ready to open to the public right here in Kirkland, WA – and we got a sneak preview! This “indoor expression” of the Topgolf empire, the Lounge has Swing Suite technology, huge screens, virtual games, baseball pitching, zombie dodgeball and a bar and restaurant serving craft cocktails and locally curated dishes. The venue opens at Kirkland Urban, the 12-acre real estate development in downtown Kirkland on Jan. 24, 2020. (Image: Elizabeth Crook / Seattle Refined)

Inside the world's first-ever Lounge by Topgolf, open now in Kirkland

Located on the second floor of Kirkland Urban, the first-ever Lounge by Topgolf is the perfect spot to tee one up and chow down. Topgolf is known for its tricked-out outdoor driving ranges. At Lounge by Topgolf they took that experience and brought it inside with high-tech simulators.

"Lounge by Topgolf is an indoor version [of Topgolf] with intimate space," said Hun Kim, General Manager of Lounge by Topgolf. "We feature a menu of locally curated dishes, craft drinks and different virtual gaming platforms powered by Topgolf Swing Suite Technology."

You don't have to be a golfer to have fun at this spot. There's all sorts of games to choose from.

"We have zombie dodgeball, we have hockey, we have soccer, we have football and you can also play golf on select courses," he said. "We have 80 different courses to choose from. You can play on St. Andrews and Pebble Beach on the same day."

(Zombie dodgeball is Kim's favorite game. It's kid-friendly but also provides serious entertainment for adults. Check out the video above to see Kim and I square off in a match. Spoiler alert: I did not do well.)

If you've worked up an appetite, Lounge by Topgolf features a menu loaded with delicious options.

"Our big focus was on shareables. We wanted everyone to have a little bit of everything, while still getting that Topgolf experience. [The menu] is formatted with an aim towards seasonality and local products," said Marcos Leal, executive chef at Lounge by Topgolf. "Everything is in nice quantities that two, three, four people, or one big guy like myself can enjoy."

The menu features crowd-pleasing dishes like edamame hummus, a massive meat and cheese board and nachos, which are finished table side. To wash it all down there's a collection of Instagram-worthy craft cocktails, like the Lounge-exclusive Smoking Long Island.

"It's going to have hibiscus infused Tito's, which we're infusing in-house, Sauza tequila, a little bit of Cointreau and Bacardi rum...We're putting it inside a teapot and we add some dry ice inside of it, so when we pour earl grey tea [over the top] you're going to have this awesome billowing smoke coming out in front of you, and we're going to prepare it for you table side." explained bartender Giovani Torres. "I want [the presentation] to be like when you're at a Mexican restaurant and someone walks past with fajitas. Everybody is wondering, what is that and [saying] 'I want three of them.'"

Food, drinks and a whole lot of fun, the perfect combination for an experience that's a hole in one.